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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  October 29, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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roadblocks. why the outdoor grapple may be
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headed inside. and how some wrestling fans may be missing out. more markets.. the last downtown farmer's market is this saturday. but organizers say they have something planned for the winter months. new overnight.. police are investigating two seperate hit and run accidents that happened minutes apart. it's thursday october 29th.. today in iowa starts now.
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first on 13... two people were hit by cars in des moines overnight. one of them by a driver who fled the scene.
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both happened within about 15 minutes of each other... but are not connected. the first happened just before midnight on des moines' south side. that was at southwest 9th and maxwelton drive police say a vehicle hit a pedestrian... and then sped away.. no word on the person's condition at this time. the second happened just about 15 minutes later. that was in the 54-hundred block of aurora avenue. that's near the "village at westchester" apartment complex. police say a person was hit there medics responded to the scene... but it's unclear if the victim was taken to the hospital. we'll keep you updated as we hear more on these stories throughout the newscast. waukee officers are getting another witness to their actions on the job... 12:19-12:33 our department, our officers they're excited about them. it holds them accountable, it should let the city know that everything they say is being recorded so that should put the public at ease that things are being recorded. 18 cameras will now record all face-to-face interactions
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officers have with the public. officers are then responsible for uploading the video they want to keep onto a server. if the officer tags it as important - it'll be saved for 180 days... video clips can then be used in court...or when an officer's actions are called into questioned. if they don't tag them though, the video is erased after 60 days. the cameras were paid for with a 14- thousand-dollar donation from the owner of kenworth mid-iowa. the last weekend of october is upon on us and that means the downtown farmers market will be wrapping up. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from court avenue to give us a preview of what the final weekend will be like. and josh, it sounds like they are going out in a big way. the last weekend of october is upon on us and that means the downtown farmers market will be wrapping up. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from court avenue to
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the last weekend of october is upon on us and that means the downtown farmers market will be wrapping up. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from court avenue to give us a preview of what the final weekend will be like for the farmers market. josh, we can see behind you that there is construction is going on, what adjustments will the organizer of the farmers market make when that hyvee goes in? "we are going out with great excitement. we will celebrate harvest, celebrating halloween. we are
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costumes. bring the kids down for some trick-or-treating. oyr vendors will be offering candy. some of them will have toys and treats and games. one of our vendors is going to have a photo-booth. with all the different types of activiteis going on it will be so much fun," a type of hairstyle... is now the focal point of a new
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lawsuit. that's after two des moines women decided to sue the cosmetology board. they both want to own african - style braiding businesses in town. but the state won't allow it until they get cosmetology licenses. attorneys say stylists need more than 2 - thousand hours of training from an iowa school. that training costs thousands of dollars. and the women say cosmetology school doesn't even teach braiding... therefore it shouldn't require a license. 544705 - i just want to work and make a living for my family and to teach braiding and to be able to give back to my community. im not trying to not pay taxes or break any laws, i just want to live in the past two legislative sessions -- lawmakers tried passing a bill to amend licensing requirements... both fell short. first-round football playoffs
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had many hitting the stands last night. johnston tackled hoover at home... plowing over the huskies with 306 yards rushing. final score 54 to 13. ankeny ... also at home. they won over the indianola indians 49 - 7 ... . and finally... the blowout of the night. the rams dominating the dodgers. southeast polk shuts out fort dodge, 42-nothing. for a full list of all the wins and the losses... check out our website who- tv-dot-com a first-of-its kind outdoor wrestling event may be heading back indoors. with more than 30 thousand tickets sold... "grapple on the gridiron" was supposed to be the first ever wrestling meet at kinnick stadium. it's part of an attempt to break the record for highest attended college wrestling match ever. but due to weather conditions... organizers are considering moving it inside.. to the smaller carver arena... that means people with tickets now... wouldn't have to miss out. now the school's athletic department says it's determined to prevent
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that. :11 "the wrestling match will take place toward the south end zone of kinnick stadium, which is right near the locker rooms and the tunnel to the indoors, so everything has been addressed as far as temperature wise." the event is scheduled for november 14th. it will be followed by the hawkeye football game against minnesota
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it is going to be cold and windy again today. there is a chance for a few flurries along the iowa/minnesota border this morning. friday evening is beggar's night. skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will be in the 50s for trick or treating. rain moves across the state early saturday morning. it looks warm
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and dry next week. we'll be back in the 60s by saturday
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. then... the republican candidates for president are speaking out about last night's debate. what they're saying and why they are criticising the moderator for some of the questions he asked. and.. game two of the world series. highlights from kansas city's big
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according to the iowa farm service agency some payments for the 2014 crop were processed last monday in kansas city and batches were sent out on the 23rd. after that, they have to go to the county office to insure correctness of individual accounts. but some worry that the payments are late. the fsa says that's not the case. they cite arc and plc
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require payments due after the calculations are all done. executive director of the iowa fsa john whitaker says, "we use a combination of nass, national ag statistics, and rma, which is crop insurance, data to get the yields. some of that starts to become available in july. the remainder of that doesn't become available until september." whitaker adds october 1st is the first day the fsa can start processing conservation reserve program payments, which are applied to payment limitations. he says, "the other part of arc/plc that folks need to realize, because it's a revenue based program we have to calculate the revenues based on commodity, based on county. there's over 3,000 counties in the united states. there's 21
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has to be data loaded." nearly $4 billion are provided by the arc an plc safety-net programs. whitaker says despite last years record crop, some producers needed significant payments because of a 30 percent drop in corn prices. he says there were other spots where yields were good enough
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our top story... two people were
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moines overnight. the first... just before midnight on des moines' south side. police say a vehicle hit a pedestrian... then sped away.. the second was in the 54-hundred block of aurora avenue. police say a person was hit there near an apartment complex. no word on their conditions this morning. both happened within about 15 minutes of each other... but are not connected. republican white house hopefuls are fresh off their third debate this morning. they faced off last night in colorado. questions focused on economic policies. things got heated when ted cruz took aim not at his competition but the moderators. he said they were trying to stir up fights among the candidates as part of a bias against republicans. congressman paul ryan is expected to be elected house speaker today. yesterday republicans nominated him for the role. today the full chamber will vote on it. the change comes after john boehner --- who served as
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speaker for nearly five years --- announced he'd resign. this would be a good day to ask favors of any royals fans you know... they're in a great mood today after the royals took a 2-0 lead in the world series, last night. kansas city took over in the fifth inning and never looked back. final score...royals seven... mets one. the series now heads to new york for game three. that's tomorrow night at seven. they are the subject of debate all over the country. they are the subject of debate all over the country. we're talking about body cameras for police officers. coming up, which metro department is now using them... and how they'll work.
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